A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Movie Galaxy: From Star Wars to The Notebook

You won’t find a great guide for hitchhiking; however, movie hitchhiking has volumes of information to look through.  There are plenty of reviews, pieces and web blogs that discuss different old, new and upcoming movies. There are genres for every taste, and there is no limit to the creativity of movies that producers make. Many times, movies come out right at the right time (i.e. scary movies at Halloween-time, tragedy movies following real tragedies, and romantic comedies around Valentine’s Day…clearly very smart marketing by the producing team).  I will attempt to dissect what makes the human mind tick for different types of movies, depending on the time of year, changing interests, what is going on in the world, and a lot of other factors that are specific to each person.

Movie companies like Disney, Pixar, Universal, MGM, Lionsgate, and others all have their place with different viewers, looking for their type of movie.  Take High School Musical for instance; those movies cater to a very specific audience, but they also can be found appealing by others not in the general category of “adolescent girl.”  While I am not a huge fan of these movies, I still watch them, and there are aspects in even those movies that speak to a part of my life.  The point is, even children’s movies tend to have some level of adult content or humor in them, so that they can keep the attention of the adults supervising children watching them. The underlying adult content flies by the radar of little kids watching the movies, but it is easily picked up by the adults accompanying. Most of you probably already get this, but if not, pay close attention to the next kid’s movie you watch…I guarantee you’ll pick up on some things that are meant specifically for you!

OK…quickly, back to our theme for this post. The one thing I don’t get about movies; you know the plotline.  You see something coming and it’s very obvious.  Even trailers now seem to give away the whole movie.  The Lifetime movies, for instance, are SOOOOOOO predictable! Guy meets girl, or girl meets guy, they fall in love, something happens to break them up, and then it is a mad dash to get them back together before THE END. But, predictable is what we need as human beings…we need to know what’s going to happen next, we need to know that the good guy wins, we need to know that everything will turn out OK.  What if they made a movie where the bad guy wins, all the wrong things happen to the hero and then you see credits, the relationship gets destroyed and then the movie is over; what would we do if this was the case?  We certainly wouldn’t see the movie again, and we would probably tell all of our friends how awful a movie it was, causing a snowball effect which would make the movie less money and it would fail.  But is this a good or bad thing?  Would breaking away from the norm be helpful?  Would it make us less dependent on media?  Could we start a movement?  Good luck getting people on board for that!

Until next time, keep dreaming, day and night.

Dee out!

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