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Blog Post # 6 (5/3/2017)

A story about me going down memory lane…Back to a wonderful young man I met at the NESLC a few years ago.  Sometimes you meet someone in life that helps you to see yourself in a way you never thought possible.  James is that person for me.  I owe him, and this conference, a lot for making me the strong person I am today.

When I attended the New England Student Leadership Conference a few years back, I learned a lot about respect, being yourself, and treating others the way you want to be treated. There was a man, James, who spoke at the conference about loving yourself and understanding the person that you are, and being open to possibilities.  I have lived by these ideals since being a part of this conference, have kept in touch with him since the conference, and he gives me advice when I need someone to help me self-direct my path.  I know that sounds weird, but everyone needs a little help sometimes to make their own life better, and though I make my own decisions, it is good to get feedback on occasion to make sure I am still staying true to my path. James is a motivational speaker, and writes music too!  Here is a link to one of his songs that I really love called Boat Shoes:

The conference was a great experience, and it taught me not only to be selective in the information that I give out (not everyone needs to know everything!), but also to speak my mind when I have something to share, something to agree with or protest, and to always keep kindness and forgiveness in mind.  I’m still working on getting better at all of these things; it’s a work in progress, but the conference gave me an experience to remember and reflect on when I feel myself getting off track.

Next time you have something to say, or an opinion to share, think carefully, and be sure that you are being respectful to all, and that you are showing good leadership skills…sometimes leadership is about listening, not talking!

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