What If?

What if?  Such a simple question, but so super-charged.  What if you made different choices in life; choosing where you work, choosing the people you hang around with, the people you love.  All of these are what if questions, and they all lead people to what if choices that are going to shape their lives.  Have you ever asked yourself, “what if I had made a different choice? Picked something different? Chosen a different option?

What if people didn’t base their lives around TV shows, buying the hottest new items, and having everything that others say they need?  What if human connection was all that we needed? I’d like to speak with all of the inventors of technology that has made us become less engaged on a personal level, and give them a piece of my mind.  When was the last time you went a whole day without looking at your phone, your computer/tablet, driven your car, and just been in the moment with someone you are with.  What would you do?  Would you be able to keep up a meaningful, engaging conversation?  Or would you run out of things to say and be grasping at the cloth of your pants pockets within five minutes?

Would your life be different if the people you met and know well hadn’t walked through the metaphorical door at precisely the right moment?  Would your life be different if you had a different set of beliefs, opinions and options?  The answer is probably yes, but our paths to that answer are very different.  There is no way to know how our choices will affect our lives down the road, but you can be sure there is a ripple effect that will cause something in your life to change.  Are your choices affecting change in the right direction in your life?  If not, it might be time to make different choices.  Who knows?  Maybe changing something simple will cause a ripple effect that will bring ultimate peace and happiness to your life.  What if?

Until next time,

Dee out!

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