Family Ties – Its a Beautiful Tangled Mess!

Family…they’re hard to live with, but impossible to live without! Family is so wonderful…Family makes you happy…and I’m not even talking about ONLY blood relatives.  Friends, pets, close acquaintances, and oddly enough, teachers, all seem to make the cut for Family. I have teachers who I confide in, can tell my secrets to, and they are extremely good listeners. You may only get one biological family, but that doesn’t matter, because family is who you choose…to trust, to love, to work together with to reach a common goal.

Foster and adopted children have even more appreciation for family, even without blood relation and family ties.  They are brought into a situation they don’t know and given an opportunity to start over anew, create a fresh start, lead better lives with the support and love their new families. Bands have a special kind of family tie, a brother-or-sisterhood that transcends the traditional definition of family.  A group of people who have a common goal in mind, and work together in harmony to create music, something everyone loves, and collaborate to create music that builds a fan-base.  However you choose to look at family, the framework remains the same.  There is shared respect; they will always be there for you no matter what.  They are a shoulder to lean on when tired, cry on when sad, or grab for balance when caught in a laugh.

Family by association can be some of the best family. I have friends, and in many instances their family becomes my second, third and so on family.  My best friend, Cassie, is a wonderful example of this!  We spend a lot of time together (way too much!), and now I consider her family an additional family to me. They are people I trust. Those are the best relationships to find, because you can spread love to others and get love back in return.  In the end you get a huge Friendship Tree© that continually sprouts new branches, and as each branch grows it brings new life, makes you feel better about who you are, and eventually, bringing new friends into your tree causes your tree and their tree to become intertwined or connected.  Pretty soon, you find yourself in a forest of interconnected lives.

Think about your circle of friends.  You have your inner circle (the smallest) which is reserved for your closest friends, maybe only your best friend or an extremely loved family member(s).  The next circle is the middle ring, or “associates circle,” which are people you associate with, you probably like them enough to keep a steady conversation going.  The final circle is the outer circle: people you know, but either don’t have much in common with, maybe you don’t like that much but you need to be connected in some way. There are no more circles, but there is some space outside all of the circles for people you don’t know or who have caused you so much pain that they can no longer reside within one of your circles.

Always choose your friends wisely, grow the branches of your tree into theirs, and eventually, you will always find your inner circle, your branches will grow further and further until you reach everyone who you need or who needs you.

Until next time, keep dreaming day and night,

Dee out!

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