So . . . Television is both Good and Evil

My all-time favorite show (which is not on anymore) is One Tree Hill.  I wanted a High School drama to make my life seem simple, and that show did just that.  It is kind of funny how shows like that can be so unbelievable, but can make you look at your own life differently.  Obviously, I know most High Schoolers don’t party uncontrollably, have horrible family lives, run away from home, get into all sorts of trouble that they somehow need to get out of, and all the rest of the scenarios that pull us in as viewers, but would most likely never happen in real life.  You can’t watch a show nowadays that doesn’t have a bunch of unnecessary violence, drama, swearing, sex, and all the other things that go into popular TV shows.  It’s exciting to see the extremes in life, and it helps you get through the minor problems in your own life.

I’m the kind of person who likes the old romance type shows, and they’re hard to find now.  Reality shows, inappropriate situations and ratings seem to be all that matters in television now.  I won’t lie to you, I watch Teen Mom, but it’s just so I know what not to do with my life (no offense to teen mom)…and maybe that’s the point.  These shows are meant to teach us what NOT to do in our lives…Don’t have a baby too young, don’t date multiple people at the same time, don’t kill someone and try to get away with it, don’t drink and drive, don’t quit your job because you’re planning to move to Nashville and become a country singer, etc…

Who knows…maybe today’s television is actually around to be our saving grace, and teach us the consequences of the types of people portrayed in many of these shows.  I don’t like drama, but I LOVE watching drama, so I’ll stick with my teen drama shows!

Until next time…Keep dreaming day and night.

Dee out!

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