The Photography Club

Our photography classes become a way for individuals that attend our programming to express themselves creatively. This is especially true for individuals that may have difficulty in self-expression. The photography club ventures on in the community to capture the essence of not only Southern New Hampshire, but of the personal interest of the individuals in our program. Our photography club is led by the creative minds of our direct support professionals in the community.

  • Visual Expression
  • Fine Motor
  • Walking in nature and the community
  • Socialization
  • Following Directions
  • Creativity
  • Observational Skills

Behind the Lens of Richard

Richard is a dedicated member of the Photography Club here at Opportunity Networks. He is a passionate photographer possessing a keen eye when choosing a subject and composition. Richard challenges himself by waiting for the perfect moment to capture his subject the way he envisions. Whether a frog hopping across a field, a heron about to take flight or the sun hitting the water at just the right spot, Richard is patient and ready. Below are a few of Richard’s favorite pictures. He hopes you will enjoy them.

Our Latest Work