"The best job match is one where people can be successful."

- Rocky Morelli, Executive Director


"On Wednesdays, I have a job that I get paid to do."

- Program Participant


"I like to dance and sing. I dance in the dance hall."

- Program Participant


"We focus on building relationships and finding unique common interests."

- Louis Esposito, Program Director


"At Opportunity Networks, you get to do new activities."

- Program Participant

Join us for our 24th Annual $10,000 Raffle Extravaganza

Friday, December 1st.

NEW location: the River Casino & Sports Bar, 53 High Street, Nashua

Behind the Lens

Richard is a dedicated member of the Photography Club here at Opportunity Networks. He would like to share some of his favorite images with you.

From the Mind of Deanna

Welcome everybody to my blog From the Mind of Deanna. I attend Opportunity Networks on Wednesdays and Thursdays, but I really can’t wait to be able to go all week, because I have the opportunity to be myself there. I can express myself in my own way, and my friends (staff and program participants) there are very supportive of my goals and dreams.

Crossfit Time

We have partnered with Crossfit of Nashua to offer a new Health & Wellness activity for our program participants.