"The best job match is one where people can be successful."

- Rocky Morelli, Executive Director


"On Wednesdays, I have a job that I get paid to do."

- Program Participant


"I like to dance and sing. I dance in the dance hall."

- Program Participant


"We focus on building relationships and finding unique common interests."

- Louis Esposito, Program Director


"At Opportunity Networks, you get to do new activities."

- Program Participant

Who Calls Shot Gun?

Opportunity Networks added a new, wheel chair accessible van to its organization. This purchase was made possible through grant funding received from the Billings Trust FBO NH Charities, Citizens Bank, N.A., Trustee, Ella Anderson Trust, BNY Mello, N.A., Trustee, Kaley Foundation, Bank of America, N.A., Trustee, The Madelaine G. von Weber Trust, The Agnes M. Lindsay Trust, Walmart Foundation, and the Milford Rotary Club. This purchase allows Opportunity Network the ability to offer more access to day programming, community based activities and job sites to individuals with mobility issues.


Pallet Works

Pallet Works allows the creative interests of individuals in our program to flourish. Pallet Works allows individuals in our program to cut, construct, and paint various wooden creations.   Our group has also been known to attend local craft fairs to promote as well as sell products that are manufactured.


Health & Wellness

Our Health and Wellness program highlights one individual every month. This individual has shown a combination of perseverance, teamwork, and participating to the best of their ability. Please help us in celebrating the accomplishments and viewing the program from their perspective.


The Snoezelen Room

The Snoezelen Room at Opportunity Networks provides a scope of positive results for individuals with disabilities. Snoezelen, which is a combination of two Dutch words to mean, “to explore and relax,” is a multisensory room that provides users a safe and controlled environment for investigating and exploring various stimuli.