Bhaba, Matt, and Anthony have been employed at DiaCom in Amherst, New Hampshire since 2020. DiaCom is a leading international manufacturer of innovative, cost-effective molded diaphragm solutions critical to the operation of essential systems and equipment in industrial, automotive, aerospace, medical instrumentation, and food and water processing applications. Bhaba, Matt, and Anthony’s job is to remove any excess rubber from diaphragms before shipping to them to the customer. They also check for any defects and make sure all product is up to company standards.

Stacy and Chris started at JMD Industries in February 2020. Stacy’s primary job task is working on the manufacturing line masking items to be ready to powder coat. Chris’s job is putting plugs in to the metal. 

Founded in 1977, JMD Industries specializes in electroplating and finishing services including Zinc Plating, Anodizing, Chromate on Aluminum, Electroless Nickel, Black Nickel, Bright Nickel, Passivate, Tin, Silver, Wet Paint, and Powder Coating, as well as complete masking capabilities. Our variety of finishes and vast technical knowledge make JMD Industries a leader among metal finishing shops.

Quentin and Matt have been employed at the Home Depot in Merrimack, New Hampshire since the spring of 2017. They enjoy the work and interacting with the Home Depot staff and patrons. “Always on time, eager to work and love to work makes it a win, win for everyone” remarked Jill Connolly, the Associate Support Department Supervisor.

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