Health and Wellness

Through our Health and Wellness Program, we aim to improve the quality of life for participants at Opportunity Networks. Activities are varied and constantly changing to expose individuals to new experiences that promote the development of social skills, learning to follow instruction, and overall general health and well-being. Our staff and Health and Wellness coordinators work together to identify  individual’s interests and achievements in order to create challenging programs that result in a sense of accomplishment. We facilitate dance, Zumba, yoga, Wii Fitness, and basketball in our movement room. The weekly schedule also includes time at the Merrimack YMCA, the Nashua Sports Academy, The Dance Company, Leda Lanes, and during nicer weather we visit Mines Falls and other local parks.

“Activities are a way for them to be healthy but also have fun and develop those skills, we are hitting every single facet.”
– Max Morelli,
Director of Program Services

When Your Body Starts to Rock

We have been partnering with The Dance Company of Amherst, NH for many years. Our program participants thoroughly enjoy their time at the dance studio learning new dance moves and breaking a sweat without realizing it. These classes help our individuals to come out of their shell and open up to the group by utilizing an inclusive atmosphere where any movement is acceptable.

This past month, a group of our participants worked on a choreographed dance and performed at the Dance Company’s Annual Summer Recital. Take a look.

Time at Crossfit of Nashua

CrossFit Nashua provides our program participants with the opportunity to experience a challenging workout routine at their facility on a weekly basis.  A certified CrossFit coach leads our individuals through a variety of workout routines that mirrors those preformed in CrossFit competitions nationwide. This unique workout program promotes the development of functional movements, following instructions, and social interaction in a fun yet challenging way.

2021 Summer Olympics at Opportunity Networks
Pictured above is Ray accepting on Team Italy's behalf!. Well Done!

For our Summer Olympics, 13 teams were formed with individuals from all offices. Members of each team recorded their achievements daily and were rewarded on a point system. Some of these achievements ranged from making good choices on food and beverages, walking a mile or more, running a 5 K race, or demonstrating good sportsmanship during group activities..

Points ranged from 1 to 20 and were awarded based on the individual’s own success. The points were tallied weekly, posted for all to see and the winning teams were announced  at the end of the competition.

Winning Teams

Gold - Italy
Silver - Canada
Bronze - France

  • “We try to build those social and organizational skills because they translate directly to every real world situation. And if wellness activities are a way for them to be healthy but also have fun and develop those skills, we are hitting every single facet. ” - Max Morelli, Director of Program Services
  • “We have continued to develop more and more programs as people have brought up their interests.`` - Max Morelli, Director of Program Services
  • “We have seen a ton of people blossom relationships wise.” - Max Morelli, Director of Program Services

The Joy of Movement at the Amherst Dance Company