Blog Post #15 – GM!

This post is about my Grandfather’s other half (yes, the Grandfather I wrote about previously!); my Grandmother.  When I need something, you will frequently hear me calling her name in a whiny, high-pitched, needy way.  And then she gives me whatever it is I need (which all grandparents typically do, but she does it with a special flare).

She is very old-fashioned.  She is Italian.  When we’re down in Florida, she is funnier than any comedian I have ever heard.  I would be honored to be just like her when I am her age. When she cooks, the food tastes so delicious that I want to lock myself in a bathroom with a full meal for a couple hours and just savor every bite! One of my favorite parts about being in an Italian family is that we talk about everything.   She’s nosy, but isn’t every Italian person?  There is a respect about the nosiness though.  She doesn’t get angry, and I love her for that. When I told her I was writing a post about her, she stated she was “anxious to read” it, which I know is her way of saying she is super excited that she gets to be a part of my life.

She’s a cute little Italian lady.  I don’t know how to say it; what does she have that makes her so special?  She can cook, she’s a great listener, she is thoughtful (in a Grandma sort of way); we can joke around, be serious, and she always knows just what to do to cheer me up when I’m down.  She’s so cool, I even abbreviated her name down to GM!

I’m going to try something here; bringing back the same golf story from the post about my Grandpa, but I am going to reform it into a story about my Grandmother, who was equally an important part of the experience. So, back to that day; my Grandparents were allowing me to drive the golf cart on my own, and my Grandmother and I were checking out all the attractive young men along the course. I like spending time with them; my Grandmother and I even went to the mall ahead of time to shop (obviously penciled into the rigid Italian schedule!).

So let me back up even further; the morning started with me pretending to read the Newspaper (Funnies) with my Grandfather, then my cousin Josh came over and we went to the beach and got sand in all the worst places.  After considerable cleanup, we visited with a couple of Josh’s friends, and that got us to the golf trip.

I want to go back to Florida every chance I get; mostly to see my grandparents and cousin, and just to be in the nice weather.

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