Supported Employment

Our Job Development Team uses a person-centered approach to job development by matching interests and skills of the participant that translate into the workforce. Once a job site has been secured, the job developer will support the individual with initial on-the-job training. After the initial training is complete, a job coach will be assigned and trained to support the participant on their job site. Transportation can be arranged.

Employment incorporates the values that Opportunity Networks strives for: social connection, community participation and integration, making a contribution and establishing the greatest degree of autonomy possible.


Vocational Rehabilitation

As you prepare to look for work, Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) will assist you in a manner that works best for you. Some people prefer to conduct job searches and complete applications on their own. Others may ask for the counselor’s help.
Some of the ways VR can help include:
– Developing resumes
– Preparing for interviews
– Assisting with job search
– Making referrals to employers
– On the job training

At your request, VR can also make direct contact with employers to discuss employment-related issues. Once you are working, VR will keep your case open for at least 90 days. Then, before closing the VR file, both you and your VR counselor must agree that everything is satisfactory and that you are doing well in your job.

Our Job Development Team

Robin Patten

Employment Resource Specialist



Heidi Bowman

Employment Resource Specialist


Meet Colin

Please meet Colin. Colin is a graduate from Nashua High North and received a culinary certificate for bread making from the New England Culinary Institute, Montpelier, VT. Colin is a Vocational Rehabilitation client and with the help from our Employment Resource Specialist, has successfully found his dream job. He is working at the Dutch Epicure Bakery located in Amherst, New Hampshire, as a baker.

I had the pleasure of meeting with Colin during his shift where I found him hard at work. On this day, he was preparing the filling for their Spinach and Feta Croissants. He had his recipe book on hand and referred to it several times to ensure he was following the steps precisely. “The baked goods always need to taste and appear consistent. It’s extremely important to get the measurements exact,” says Colin. I watched as he carefully weighed each of the ingredients on a weighted scale. Next, with great care, he mixed the ingredients, making sure the texture and feel of the filling was perfect. He then tasted the mixture to make sure each of the ingredients was clearly detected. As he worked, he shared with me how much he enjoyed working there. He said “My manager, Stephanie, runs a tight ship but is fair and always available for help and guidance. It’s more than a job, it’s a family,” Colin explained. He loves that he works for a small local business where he knows the staff well and sees the same faces when there.

Please visit the Dutch Epicure Bakery on Route 101A, Heritage Plaza, Amherst, New Hampshire. They offer the finest pastries, cakes, cookies, bread and cheeses. Their Spinach and Feta Croissants are outstanding.

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