Transitioning to Opportunity Networks

Opportunity Networks provides transition services to both high school students (age 16-21) and adults who are looking for long-term services. We strive to incorporate each individual’s interests, goals and aspirations in a comprehensive transition plan. For our high school transition students, we work collaboratively with the school by attending planning meetings, and participating in training sessions as well as in-school observation sessions to acquire a personal understanding of the individual’s needs as they move from school to adult services.

We offer Extended School Year (ESY) summer programs through the school, job support through Vocational Rehabilitation, or we can help build a unique program for addressing other needs supported by our Day Program.

For adults starting services for the first time, or transitioning from another program, we learn best practices for engaging the individual in meaningful, satisfying programming while forming relationships with all members of the support team.

Transitioning to a new program can be a very stressful experience for individuals and their families. It is our goal at Opportunity Networks to facilitate transitions in a way that reduces that stress, promotes trust in our staff and builds confidence in our services.

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