Our Mission

At Opportunity Networks, we aim to support individuals with disabilities as well as work with members of the community to create partnerships that are beneficial for everyone. We hope to bring out the strengths and best qualities of each program participant so that they can be integrated within their community in a meaningful way. We pride ourselves in doing what is right in order to achieve participant success.

Opportunity Networks is uniquely different in that we recognize the importance of understanding each program participant. We discover what participants are interested in so they can share that passion with others, establish new connections, and interact socially with those who share the same interests. Individuality in program creation is priority and our value rests on our relentless pursuit of what will provide our participants the most effective programming.

We believe in order to provide the best programming, it is our job to be flexible and dynamic. One way we have started to expand on these principles is through the use of technological innovation. We use evidence-based research to consistently improve day to day programming for all participants.

Additionally, we are looking to develop and offer programming for high school aged individuals as we appreciate the significance of transitioning from  adolescent services to adult services.

Welcome to Opportunity Networks

Mission Statement

Opportunity Networks is committed to providing genuine vocational opportunities and activities that promote life-enhancing skills for adults with developmental and acquired disabilities in Greater Nashua/Souhegan Valley community. We strive to provide meaningful work in a safe community-based environment, while working towards individual growth and fulfillment.

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