Many of us have talents that we do not often discover until we have had an opportunity to experience them. In other words, you do not know until you try. This is particularly true with individuals with disabilities who are often not afforded the ability to try new experiences unless they are presented to them. For this reason we have launched a new program that we call the Learning Exchange.

We are fortunate to have a wide array of resources and talented people who reside in the area who would like to share their talents with the individuals with disabilities that we support. It is often the case that we are restricted in our ability to utilize these great opportunities because of a lack of financial resources. Although we receive funding to support individuals to participate in meaningful activities, the majority of our funding needs to be utilized to support the individual directly. It is extremely difficult to support the individual and lead the instruction at the same time. We are also limited in what we can offer.

The Learning Exchange opens up an unlimited amount of options for us to pursue. It gives us the ability to buy materials and bring in instructors who can truly do justice to the life experience that we are trying to share. So far, we have had great results with offering dance, arts and crafts, yoga, zumba, drumming, painting, fishing and gardening. The possibilities will be limitless if we can generate proper funding for this innovative approach to reach everyone’s full potential. We are constantly surprised when someone demonstrates an ability that we were unaware of. Please help us on our quest to bring out the best in everybody.

Please click on the button below to make a donation. Thank you.

Thank you to those who have generously contributed to the learning Exchange

Ann Goci

Bob Young

Christian Ravdelunas

Dan Simard

Don Carper

John Morison III

Mike Ciardelli

Rocky Morelli

Ross Quigley

Wes Deloid

Keith Jones

Kathy Sousa

Bob Young

Richard Fitzgerald

John Morison IV

Karen Ray

Ken Clinton

Kim Rhault

Kevin Bayley

Fiduciary Trust of New England

Chuck Clement IV

Mike Foisie

Steve & Sarah Desmarais

Tammy Morelli

Mike Costa

Linda Jennings

Stacy Clark

Mike Hopsicker

Chris Fay

Jerry Sirois

Dave Gendron

Joe Seliga

Kevin Joslyn

John Morison II

Mike Foisie

Paul Daniels

Josh Anderson

Nancy Myette

Bruce Morrison

Santo Insurance & Financial Services

Tracy & Lance Kelton

Andrew Ciardelli

Brian Hall

Jerry Cray

Mike Costa

Michael Desfosses

Art Schrom

Don Nichols

Marc Lubelczyk

John Morison IV

Michael Hopsticker

Meghan Anderson

Jay Dinkle

Doug Larson

Luke Betalak

Sue Perron

George Barrett

Sam Ingram

Cassandra Barry

David Lillie

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