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Rocky Morelli, Executive Director

Rocky Morelli has served as Executive Director since August 1987.  Originally Rocky was hired to transform a failing, facility based Day Rehabilitation program based out of Nashua to a dynamic community-based option for individuals who were labeled as severely disabled. The launching of Nashua Employment and Training – Works (NetWorks) and a series of successful milestones began. A model built on the values of community inclusion, individual customized services and the creation of supported employment served as a catalyst for continued growth and success of the program. A merger of NetWorks and Souhegan Valley Resources of Amherst in 2006 led to the birth of Opportunity Networks.

Rocky is a native of New Hampshire: Born and raised in Nashua; Received a BA from the University of New Hampshire with a major in Psychology; and has been a resident of Milford since 1989. Over his career, Rocky has participated on many Statewide Leadership Committees, especially in the areas of Employment and Day Programming Services, has regularly presented and been a guest speaker at conferences and conventions,  and is an active member of the Private Provider Network (PPN) and the New Hampshire and National Rehabilitation Association.

Rocky’s passion for helping others was driven to a higher level when he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1988. By living himself with major disability-related challenges, it has enhanced his ability to understand the issues being experienced by those he supports. Rocky continues to be committed to a values-based approach that affords everyone autonomy, independence, and a quality life.

Phone: (603) 883-4402 ext. 13

Email: rmorelli@opportunitynetworks.org 

George Barrett, Associate Director

As Associate Director, George has been a member of the Opportunity Networks team for over 3 years. He provides direction to the agency’s management and serves as a liaison between families, guardians and vendor agencies. With more than 28 years of experience working within the Area Agency and the non-profit human service sector, he affords the agency an expansive understanding of the service delivery system. He also ensures that the vision, mission, and values of the agency are likewise infused at all levels of the agencies. George plays a key role in grant writing development to raise funding to support the development of new and innovative program options. He also believes in the importance of providing individualized, quality and flexible support while promoting personal well-being and self-empowerment to individuals with developmental disabilities.

Phone: (603) 883-4402 ext. 17

Email: gbarrett@opportunitynetworks.org


Kimberly Rhault, Director of Operations

Kimberly Rhault participates in program and goal planning for individuals, enforcement of regulations and compliance management, and handling of contracts, budgets and pricing analysis. After earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, she came to work for Opportunity Networks in 2002. With over a decade of experience working with this organization and its participants, Kim has established positive relationships with families, individuals and service coordinators and facilitates a cooperative team approach to developing functional annual goals based on person-centered needs and areas of interest. Currently enrolled in American Sign Language, Kim seeks to improve her ability to communicate with the Deaf community and better support the deaf staff and participants of Opportunity Networks.  Having earned her 2nd Degree Black Belt and the title of Assistant Instructor in Kenpo Karate, Kim is familiar with the principles of using physical and social activities to increase self-confidence, to promote teamwork and to teach conflict resolution. She is also a writer and an award-winning bird carver.

Phone: (603) 883-4402 ext. 21

Email: krhault@opportunitynetworks.org


Louis Esposito, Program Director

Louis is the Program Director at Opportunity Networks where he assists in organizing and developing programs to best fit the needs of those that attend programming. He has been in the education field over the course of the 7 years with roles as a special education teacher and as a paraprofessional. Through his experience in the education system, he has found a passion for assisting individuals with disabilities and their families in finding a meaningful transition to adulthood. He has thoroughly enjoyed his move to the adult service world. Louis also has a passion for social justice. He believes that all individuals, regardless of disability, have the ability to contribute to their community. After finishing his undergraduate degree in History Louis completed a Master’s degree from Southern New Hampshire University in education with a concentration in special education. Louis is also pursuing a doctorate in educational leadership from Southern New Hampshire University where he is researching relationships between individuals diagnosed with Autism and their siblings. In his free time, he enjoys rooting for the Clemson Tigers, reading, listening to bluegrass, and spending time with his family.

Phone: (603) 883-4402 ext. 23

Email: lesposito@opportunitynetworks.org 

Cynthia Gautreau, Business Manager

Cyndi recently started with Opportunity Networks as our Business Manager. She is responsible for overseeing the finances of our organization. After earning her Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting from Johnson & Wales University she went on to receive her Master’s in Adult Education from Capella University.

A skilled accounting professional, Cynthia has over a decade of experience in positions including Director of Finance. Most recently, she directed the financial management of an educational and professional development company with a $3 million annual budget.

Cynthia has extensive management and hands-on experience across the full range of accounting operations and services. She brings particular expertise in developing, implementing and monitoring annual operating budgets, financial management practices and personnel policies.

Cynthia is an avid New England Patriots, Red Sox and NASCAR Fan.  She is also a popcorn aficionado, and a collector of Native American and Southwestern jewelry and artwork.

Phone: (603) 459-8138

Email: cgautreau@opportunitynetworks.org 


Heidi Bowman,
Program Manager, Nashua

Heidi Bowman, the Program Manager, manages the day to day operations of client and staff schedules and coordinates transportation for our program in Amherst, NH. She is a liaison to families, individuals, job sites and community partnerships. She is a certified employment specialist through ACRE as well as APSE certification programs. Over a decade of background and experience in Human Resources and Vocational Rehabilitation give her a leading edge on developing and maintaining employment sites for the individuals we serve.  Currently, she is working closely with our partners in the community to develop new and exciting learning opportunities. As a coach for girls’ cheerleading, she helped bring the Merrimack Cardinals Cheer Team to National Championships several years running. Her experience as a coach has given her exceptional supervisory skills and allows her to successfully promote teamwork with her staff.

Call: (603) 889-0796

Email: hbowman@opportunitynetworks.org


Max Morelli,
Program Manager, Amherst

Max Morelli is the Program Manager of the Amherst office. He is responsible for daily scheduling, supervision of staff, and overall management of each individual’s program.

Max started as a job coach during summers while attending University of New Hampshire. His experience continued through working with the Nashua school system. After earning his Bachelor’s Degree, he joined Opportunity Networks full-time as the manager of the Health and Wellness Program.

Max is an American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer and an Assistant Varsity Football Coach at Bishop Guertin High School. He spent time during previous seasons at Nashua High School North and also worked as a volunteer coach with Milford Mustangs Youth Program. All of this experience has given Max a strong skillset as a teacher, a coach and a mentor. He has worked with students with a wide range of abilities, and is able to transfer his knowledge and adaptability to working with both staff and individuals at Opportunity Networks.

Max’s strong values, and advanced understanding of community integrated programming allowed him to transition into the role of Program Manager of the Amherst office. He has shown dedication to the individuals we serve and has proven to be an effective leader.

Call: (603) 883-4402 ext. 20

Email: mmorelli@opportunitynetworks.org


Ed Watts,
Quality Assurance Manager, Amherst

Ed Watts has been the Program Manager at the Nashua office for the past ten years. He has worked collaboratively with staff, providers, families and other agencies to provide quality programming for the individuals we serve. He especially enjoys interacting with our clients each and every day. His education includes earning two degrees:  Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)  and Masters of Education (MEd) in Special Education. Prior to employment at Opportunity Networks, his work experience included twenty-five years as a Special Education Teacher/ Case Manager in Nashua and Merrimack, NH. His interests include following current events and learning new things, especially in the areas of history and science. He is a life-long fan of all of Boston’s professional sports teams and enjoys attending a few games each year. Tennis, walking, hiking and an occasional whitewater rafting adventure are among his favorite activities. With his son, he has traveled extensively throughout the United States and Canada, having visited most of the US National Parks as well as many major cities.

Call: (603) 883-4402  ext. 24

Email: ewatts@opportunitynetworks.org


Alex Rainey,
Family Outreach & Support Manager

Alex Rainey, our Family Outreach & Development Manager, manages the intake process for Opportunity Networks, and acts as a liaison between families, schools, agencies, and other community partners. From beginning his career in this field as a Direct Support Professional, gaining ACRE, APSE, and other certifications as an Employment Specialist, and working with families, schools, and vendors as a Service Coordinator, Alex has been putting the interests and needs of individuals with disabilities first for over six years. His dedication to the person-centered approach makes him a valuable asset in developing strong relationships with each individual’s entire team. Alex has volunteered as a Coach for Special Olympics Softball, and likes to donate his time to different charities and causes whenever he can, including Special Olympics, United Way, and local town Clean-ups!

Alex likes to spend time with his wife and baby girl in his free time, and really enjoys playing his guitar, singing, doing work around his house, and spending time with friends and family.

Call: Phone: (603) 883-4402 ext.18

Elizabeth Schneider,
Program Coordinator, Nashua

Beth Schneider is the Team Lead for our Nashua office. She works as the right-hand for the Program Manager and assists with much of the day to day coordination required to run a smooth program. She works closely with staff to complete required documentation and monitors program activities throughout the day.

Starting as a Direct Support Professional over 20 years ago, Beth quickly developed a reputation for being motivated, dependable and a strong advocate. She excels in job coaching, direct care, and supporting individuals in accomplishing their goals. Her extensive knowledge and insight into individuals living with disabilities as well her consistency in exhibiting our program philosophy and values made her stand out as the obvious choice for the position of Team Lead. Her unfailing dedication to our participants demands a higher level of achievement from staff and individuals alike.

Beth graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a Bachelors of Art Degree. She has been involved with Special Olympics for 9 years as a cross country skiing coach.

Call: (603) 889-0796


Ariel Crowley,
Program Coordinator, Amherst

Ariel Crowley is the Program Coordinator for the Amherst office and assists the Program Manager with day to day operations. Her responsibilities include revising the daily schedule, organizing transports, reviewing monthly progress reports, planning outings, and providing the best possible services to program participants. Ariel grew up in New Hampshire and attended Milford High School, after which she moved on to a Vocational school in Bangor Maine. Her education then took her to Arizona where she attended Brookline College and studied Phlebotomy. She started her career working with people living with developmental disabilities as a Direct Support Professional for residential services, later being promoted to House Manager. Ariel came to work for Opportunity Networks in February of 2016 as a Direct Support Professional. After demonstrating strong talent, work ethic, and advocacy skills, Ariel was promoted to her current position of Program Coordinator. In her free time, Ariel likes road trips, watching movies and going to the beach. She also enjoys spending time with her nieces and nephews, and her cat, Bailey.

Call: (603) 889-0796

Email: acrowley@Opportunitynetworks.org

Meet our Marketing, Fundraising and Administrative Team
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Sue Bee,
Administrative Assistant

Phone: (603) 459-8138

Email: Sbee@opportunitynetworks.org


Melissa Boyle,
Marketing and Fundraiser Manager

Phone: (603) 883-4402 ext. 15

Email: Mboyle@opportunitynetworks.org


Ann Goci,
Executive Administrative Assistant

Phone: (603) 883-4402 ext. 16

Email: Agoci@opportunitynetworks.org


Marianne Frye,
Program Assistant, Nashua

Phone: (603) 889-0796

Email: mfrye@opportunitynetworks.org

Gabby McNulty,
Clerical Assistant

Phone: (603) 883-4402

Email: Gmcnulty@opportunitynetworks.org


Robin Patten, Employment Resource Specialist

Robin Patten is a talented job developer with a unique work history. He has developed a reputation for being a strong advocate for his clients and has successfully established many job opportunities. He uses a hands-on approach, making a genuine effort to form positive relationships with individuals, families and employers.

Robin’s career in job development began in a non-conventional way. For 23 years, he was employed as a commercially trained driver for the City of Nashua where he became a strong advocate for employee rights. Wishing to feel more connected to the community, he soon transitioned from traditional City Bus driving to Para Transit which caters specifically to the elderly, and to individuals living with disabilities. “It was more than providing a public service to me; it was about helping people maintain their dignity and independence.”

During his time with Para Transit, Robin was introduced to a variety of agencies and day programs for adults living with disabilities. He developed a reputation as a favorite driver among clients, and program staff noticed and appreciated the extra effort he put forth in his job and his dedication to the individuals he served.

In 2009, Robin took his vast knowledge of employee rights and his passion for advocating on their behalf to take the next step in his career. He accepted a position with Opportunity Networks and has been advocating for his clients’ rights ever since. “It was an easy transition to make to Opportunity Networks, because we shared the same values.”

Robin is an award-winning DSP and continues to secure employment sites for job development such as T.J. Maxx and Book Cellar.  Also, for the past 3 years, he has facilitated the Mission Possible program, which is an employment training program helping individuals to develop work skills for future employment opportunities.

Robin works closely with clients and their families to provide support during the process of integrating individuals into the workforce. He helps with every aspect of job development including resume building, writing and submitting applications, transportation needs, and the typical paperwork employers require when hiring a new employee. He has quickly gained the reputation for taking tough situations head-on and overcoming difficult obstacles. Robin is well on his way to proving there is a job out there for every person, regardless of disabilities or other challenges they may face.

Robin is currently working closely with Vocational Rehabilitation to support the needs of Pinkerton Academy.

ACRE certified, Institute for Community Inclusion, and College of Direct Support

Call: (603) 402-1444

Email: rpatten@Opportunitynetworks.org


Erin Saxon, Employment Resource Specialist

Erin Saxon, Job Developer, assists participants in securing and maintaining employment which reflects their goals and ideals. She helps individuals to feel a sense of accomplishment as they become contributing members of their communities and enjoy the rewards of being a successful paid employee.

After receiving her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from the University of New Hampshire, she received her Juris Doctor from Massachusetts School of Law and passed the Massachusetts Bar Exam in 1999. Erin practiced as a criminal defense attorney for several years before moving to Maine where she began a family and worked with the United States Probation Office, District of Maine.

Erin shifted her focus when she secured employment with the State of Maine’s Office of Adults with Physical and Cognitive Disabilities as an Adult Protective Investigator, investigating allegations of abuse, neglect and exploitation. She also spent time working as a house manager with a private vendor specializing in severe cognitive and forensic issues.

Erin moved back to her home state of New Hampshire where she worked for Easter Seals as a Day Program Coordinator for adults living with disabilities. Wishing to serve individuals in a wider capacity, she moved into Service Coordination with Gateways Community Services. Erin acquired a wealth of knowledge relating to developmental disability services in New Hampshire during this time. It was through her job as Service Coordinator that she was introduced to Opportunity Networks. Impressed with the warm culture and unique devotion to their clientele, in October 2016, Erin joined the Opportunity Networks team as a job developer.

Erin’s values are evident in her personal life, as she loves more than anything to spend time with her daughter and to watch her play soccer. Erin also enjoys going to the movies, skiing and camping in the White Mountains, cooking, baking and spending as much time as possible with family and friends.

Call: (603) 883-4402  ext. 17

Email: esaxon@Opportunitynetworks.org

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